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Classic Motion Tweens

With Approximate Classic Motion Tweens... activated, IMPERATOR °FLA v7 will try to recover motion tweens.
When compiled, the resulting size, position and color of (motion) tweened objects seldom match the mathematically exact values of the underlying motion tween paths. Almost every value between start and end point of a motion tween shows a deviation (sometimes occurring on both sides of the mathematically exact values within one motion tween).
Clicking Approximate Classic Motion Tweens... opens a dialog which allows you to set the level of approximation for motion tweens. A higher level of approximation will tolerate more variation as deviation of one motion tween making it gradually longer (in terms of covered frames). However, a higher level is less likely to produce a result that matches the exact values of the source SWF file.

If Approximate Easing Value is activated IMPERATOR °FLA v7 will try to recover the easing value of motion tweens. With the option Set Easing Value To 0 all (even non linear) motion tweens be recovered as linear progressing.



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